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The shows

Performing The Dominatrix of Ditties shows in nudist resorts, swinger cruises, and dungeons…it’s difficult to get video of my shows.  These shows we were able to catch in their entirety on video.  If you’d like to catch an entire show – this is the place!  To date, we have the Bliss Cruise 2017 Show and Naughty in Nawlins 2019 shows available.

TV, Movies & special events

Honestly, this is a bizarre smattering of appearances that include a business interview, a quick promo on a Sarasota Florida answer to “The View,” performing at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, a campy horror flick and an appearance as a Dominatrix in a softcore porno called Deathscort Three: Taste Me.  (Don’t judge me! $40 is $40.)  I threw in my singing of The National Anthem in Ruskin Florida because I’m an American, and I live in the greatest country on earth that allows me to do and be all of these things!

swinger zingers

Goofing around at a photo shoot in 2017 with photographer and filmographer Robert Vanelli, he filmed me doing some improv on how to be a better swinger.  He edited these and then I never did anything with them…until now…

Another interesting smattering of moments…this section includes my scary 4 x 4 ride in Mexico with “Mr. Magoo,” a ceremony I performed at a swinger convention for a couple that was renewing their wedding vows on their 20th anniversary, connecting with my mother’s cats that I inherited after her death, and a hot air balloon ride over Valley of the Kings in Egypt.  ~photo by Bruce

It only took me 20 years to become an overnight mediocre success, and when you see these videos you’ll wonder why it didn’t take longer!  We all had to start somewhere.  These videos were taken at open mics so I could watch them and “hone” my craft.  Included with the moments of hone, are moments of groan and moan.  Cringe worthy, but necessary.



I mention in my shows my degree in Music and Business, with Minors in Piano Performance, Electronic Music, and Music Composition.  Not the most practical of majors, but my goal at the time was to get a degree in something so useless I couldn’t possibly take over the family printing business.  One of the few goals in my life where I totally fuckin’ crushed it! This is a collection of my electronic music compositions from college, as well as a few other random songs that I don’t perform at my shows because they either don’t have words and/or I can’t remember them.


I became an ordained minister for 2 reasons: to be able to legally touch my clients for hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and to marry some dear friends of mine.  Somehow, word got out and every now and then someone thinks it's okay to get married or renew their vows with a stand up comedian who happens to be an ordained minister.   These are some of the ceremonies we caught on video.

personal moments

before she was

the dominatrix