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Hey!  I wrote a book!   This is me demonstrating the "pouty lips" selfie, which is something you should never do when trying to woo people to date you.  I'm off the market now thanks to CBD (Committed Boyfriend Doug) but I still have books and I hear it's a pretty good read.  It's available on Amazon too but you can only get it autographed by me if you buy it here!

Hey...And Other Scintillating Mating Calls From The Online Dating World

  • Here's a quick synopsis...Divorced and living alone in her mid 40s, nationally touring comedian Traci Kanaan didn’t want to face the possibility of living the rest of her life alone, so she did what millions of others have done and tried online dating. This book is a collection of the crazy and stupid emails Traci received via numerous online dating sites, and her hilarious responses (and non-responses) to the men "trying" to woo her. Traci dissects online dating facts and figures, lists several scathing things you should never say on a first date, and describes in hilarious detail several of her strange but true online dating stories. She also shares her comedic insights into what your online profile should contain, how to choose someone to date, and how to reach out to them to increase your chances of getting a returned email. Unlike the other dating books, "Hey!" is a no-holds barred, no topic is too taboo, straight from Traci's heart...a look at the REAL world of online dating. A female comedian desperately trying to find love through a digital filter...but what she ultimately discovers is that majority of humans just have NO idea how to "sell" themselves to potential life partners...and neither does she!

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